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Our company makes use of cookies. These are small sequences of information that our server sends to your browser. This data is placed on your hard drive and sent with each visit to the manager of the visited website.

This allows us:

  • To make our websites user friendly and easily recognizeable to you as a customer and avoid that the username and password must be entered at each visit and to balance the advertising exposure (following the number of times an advertisement has already been displayed);
  • To understand how our website is used, what elements of the site are visited and how often. This information is used particularly in the context of the Internet ICD Study;
  • Adapt the content of websites, applications and advertisements to your profile (eg age, sex, region …) and / or your browsing behavior.
  • The use of the website and / or other applications and clicking on advertisements enables our business partners to collect automated data, process or enrich them.

The cookies do not contain viruses or other harmful applications. Roularta Media Group also ensures that they do not contain any personal data.

Some cookies are placed and managed by third parties and are necessary especially for sharing information via social media and / or use of certain features on our applications.

The visitor of this website accepts the use of cookies by our company. If you disable cookies in your browser, we can not ensure the optimal functionality of the site.

The data that is collected automatically, including through cookies and other systems / information collection applications can be shared without specific authorization.

You can remove the cookies from your computer at any time. How is this removal varies from one browser to another. If necessary, consult your browser’s help function: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera.

If you wish to disable cookies from specific parts, you can do so via Be aware that after deleting cookies, optimal use of some sites will be compromised.