Trends Business information Academy

Trends Business Information organises a number of different training courses near you.

They all focus on B2B and are divided into 3 categories: strategic, operational and financial.

There’s bound to be something to suit you.

Expert Class – Strategy & Operations

2 practical, free training sessions combined in 1 very effective day:

  • Operations: Targeted B2B segmentation in practice
  • Strategy: Portfolio analyses, hidden weaknesses and opportunities.

NB: to get the most out of the strategy part, we recommend attending the operations part first.

Expert Class – Financial

4 practical training sessions :

  • The basics of analysing balance sheets in 9 ratios (1 day- €100)
  • The financial mechanisms of the business cycle (1/2 day- €100)
  • The basics of credit management (1/2 day- €100)
  • How to submit a high-quality credit application? (1/2 day€100 )


Annyck Vrancken 

RBI Academy Manager


Pascal Flisch

Research & Business Development